How Do Squishies Relieve Stress?

November 25, 2017

People love squishies for because of their cute and simple design. Because of this fans both young and old enjoy the hobby of collecting them. Aside from their unique look, squishies are also praised because of the added feature it brings into the table with these type of toys. Squishies have the same feature found in stress balls having the ability to provide their users with a huge amount of relief. Let us look at some of the ways on how squishies help relieve stress.

As mentioned earlier, squishies have the same stress relief properties. These toys are able to do just that by giving their users the opportunity to squeeze them. It should be noted that when a person is under pressure, their bodies tend to tense up which results to them to physically clench. Clenching with your fist for long period of time with intensity is straining and can damage your hands. Such is not the case with the help of squishies as it prompts you to squeeze and release them which helps leave you feeling less tense. The idea behind this is that releasing a squeeze toy releases some kind of energy which induces relaxation. This in turn can make a person feel good after the activity.

Aside from that, squishies also helps provide a stimulation of the nerves while at the same time enhances a person’s mood. A number of individuals feel a release of endorphins when playing with squishies which can act as pain relievers and sedatives making them invaluable to many.

People also get a huge amount of relief and enjoyment when looking at squishies. Looking at cute stuff can make a person’s mood change and the same can also be said with regards to squishies as their unique and one of a kind design is always a joy to look at. There is also a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their squishy collection growing in expanding and also when they show these off to their friends. This in turn adds to the extra incentive of collection squishies.

It is good to hear that squishies aside from its visual aesthetics, are also able to provide good amount of health benefits to their owners. This in turn makes these toys a very much sought after item in the present with a growing number of fans. Grab your very own squishy at WSH Collection and experience how it relieves stress for yourself.


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