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  Dota 2 God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War III Závodný ovládač: Grid Captain Commando modré písmo textu fialové


Časté otázky o hrách je a webovú stránku a online komunitu ktorý obsahuje používateľské návody, návody, kódy, recenzie a súbory súvisiace s rôznymi video hry na viacerých platformách.


5. novembra 1995 túto stránku spustil programátor Jeff Veasey, známy aj pod svojim online aliasom „CJayC“, ako databázu sprievodcov videohrami a odpovedí na často kladené otázky (FAQ). Stránka sa pôvodne volala „Archív často kladených otázok o videohrách“ a jej hostiteľom bol Amerika online .

  AQs' h Popularity: 1 | Vote:+I- e in December 1996, shortly after the site's creation as the VGFA. by Roaddhogg Hosted by the GFA Pages: 1 VGFA Video Game FAQ Arohive Last updated December 20 1996-958 FAQs Online omputer Game are here Arcade Games Son Playstation Sega aturn Nintendo 64 Sega Genesis Super Nintendo Systems Other 3DO Features Whats New Search Feedback Requests Authors VGFA FAQ Okay, here's what's going on (Updat ed 12/20): Updates - I'm on vaction through the 25th, and I won't be anywhere near a computer * New FAQ lists - Are back, on the "New" page. Requests - The board is finally updated! Plus, the first batch of "Filled" request notices just went out. * Graphics - Are changing. Going to a white background again. Look for it in the new year. The FAQ list pages will be touched up again, don't worry Mail - I'mreading, and slowly writing. I'm slowly getting caught up, so please be patient. * Search page Is coming soon. I hope to begin testing soon, and open it up around late Jan/early Feb * Page organization - Wil change soon, probably with the graphics. Any questions? Next Update: 12/26-27/1996 Arcade Games IS ISega Satum |Nintendo 64 DO | Sega Genesis | Super Nintendo lOther Features /What's New | Search| Feedback Requests | Authors VGFA FAQ The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion text font

11. septembra 1996 bola zaregistrovaná doména „“ a stránka bola znovu spustená neskôr v tom roku pod jej súčasným názvom „GameFAQs“. [1] V roku 1997, Imagine Games Network (IGN) získala GameFAQs ako pridruženú spoločnosť, ktorá pokračovala až do vypršania zmluvy v januári 2001. 6. mája 2003 bola GameFAQs zakúpená webovou stránkou CNET pre technologické médiá. 19. júla 2007 Veasey odstúpil z funkcie redaktora a administrátora stránky a túto úlohu odovzdal zamestnancovi GameFAQs Allenovi Tynerovi.

  Nové a pozoruhodné FAQ/Návod FAQ unterStrike acing Adventure (GBC) - FAQ ome cke Čo's New trider PSX) Mini-FAQ eatures Requests Boards Feedback Search arriors ll (NES) - FAQ/Walkthrough Last Updated: February 29,2000 11:40PM CST 2/29/00 11:40PM Fifth and final update online. Some items of note Poll of the Day Do you ever watch Professional The Review Submission guidelines have changed slightly. Instead of a minimum Wrestling(WWF/WCW/ECW)? of 200 words, it's now 300. Additionally, I'll be rejecting reviews that do not haveNo, I never have easily readable formats (.e. all one paragraph) The March Contest is now underway Updated the plan. Fewer and fewer items on it every day... Go Coin-Op Arcade and More... Console No, but I used to Yes, but I'm ashamed to admit it to friends Yes, I sometimes watch Yes, I always watch it when it's on Yes, and I've seen it live And since l just got to play it today... Strider Hiryu 1&2 (PSX Import)-Well, I'm sad to say I'm disappointed in this title. But. Ill take it for what it is: An arcade coversion package. The presentation of the original Strider seems muddled, but it's an older game with older graphics. The control doesn't feel quite like the original arcade, but it's workable. Strider 2 is fun, the control is spot on, but the graphics and sound still seem dated. It's still fun, but a very short game NES Nintendo 84 Vote Results Only Top 10 Games (2/29) Saturn SNES and More... nal Fantas PSX 2. Resident Evil 3 PSX Computer PC and More... Portable 2/29/00 9:25PM Only the third update online. What can I say? guess I'm lazy this week. 4. Pokemon GB 5. Final Fantasy VI PSX 8. Fear Effect PSX 2/29/00 12:30PM First update online N84 GameBoy Color NeoGeo Pocket Colo and More... 9. Saga Frontier Il - PSX 10. Pokemon Gold/Silver GBC 2/29/00 2:55AM Surprise! For the first time in the history of the site, I'm actually early. The March Contest is now up and open! Good Luck! Happy Leap Day, and good night! GN Games world com 2/29/00 12:10AM Only four updates today, but Monday's are always slow. Tomorrow should be a little busier, hopefully. Can you feel the tingling in the air? Is it the coming rush of a new console release, or anticipation of the March contest? GameFAQs is an independent affiliate of IGN Games, part of the IGN network of sites. If you're interested in advertising on ▼ search ▼ 2/28/00 7:55PM Third update online... The big news today is that Sega reported massive losses for the here year thanks to slower than expected Japanese Dreamcast sales. Nice timing for the annoucement, too, just days before the PS2 release GameFAQs or any other IGN sites, click iqn.conm Deadlight Grand Theft Auto V Undertale Life, the Universe and Everything text font   ameBoy Advance | GameCube | PC | Play Station2 | Xbox | Viac Anketa dňa Home What's New Systems Features Boards How often do you visit GameFAQs? O Many times a day At least once a day Last Updated: February 17, 2003 11:55 PM CST Gaming News Headlines from GameSpot At lesst once a weelk A few times a year Vote Results Only A few times a month Ai Search lizzard action fi Go This is my first time here PC release date revealed GameFAQs Site News Top 10 FAQ Pages (2/16) 2116/03 12:12AM: Another Week. Another Dollar Well, Ive managed to get caught up quite a bit on e-mail, and I should be done with 2. Legend of Zelde Ocerine of Time- GCN the backlog before too long now. In my spare time, I've also been playing a game or 3. hack Pert 1 Infection - PS2 two Earth and Beyond (PC) haven't played an MMORPG in years, but I got hooked on E&B rather quickly. It's your basic MMORPG set in space, with good emphasis 7. Deed or Alive Xtreme Be on non-combative as well as group play. The game is very newbie-oriented although content does taper off as you level up too high. Fun, interesting, and enjoyable, at least for my tastes. You can still download the demo and play for free for five days, so it's no risk to try it out (except for your download time) Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO (Xbox) This is what I've been waiting on for years; a good 1. Sega GT 2002- XB 2D fighter that can be played online. And it works, surprisingly well, except for the2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance-XBX pain encountered when trying to play with a standard Xbox controller. Although the EO controls are there, purists will definitely want to spring for a proper joystick or 5. Pro Evolution Socoer 2-PS2 better-aligned gamepad. The port is fairly transparent from DC/PS2/GC, no issues 8. RuneScape - PC there, but the thing that makes this one a must-buy is the network capability Online play can be a little laggy in some games, and it can disrupt the flow of a match somewhat, but the overall experience is still great heft Au PS2 4. Final Fantasy X - PS2 5. Kingdom Hearts PS2 XBX 8. Metroid Prime GCN N84 10. Animal Crossi GCN Top 10 Requests 3. Medieval: Total War PC 4. Die Hard: Vendetta GCN 7. Deer Hunter 2003 PO 8. Helbreath PC 9. Zanzarah PO 10. NBA Live 2003 PS2 Free Downloads @ GameSpot 2/6/03 11:35PM: The Faster I Go... Between network problems, server crashes, network crashes, and server problems coupled with a bigger than anticipated influx of contributions, Ive been swamped with work for the past month, even well after the holiday rush. Things are finall coming to a point to where the contribution backlog is minimal, leaving a full month of e-mail for me to tackle. Even though there are 500 waiting messages, over half of the mail I get consists of questions already answered clearly and explicitly on the help files, so it's not as bad as it seems. Tomorrow I begin trying to clean that up and get caught back up on work for the first time in months. We'll see how it goes... Hawk NASCAR Re ly SimCity 4 Trailer Read and Po 213/03 9:50PM: We're Back Massive network issues took down the main server tonight for an hour and a half I'm hoping theyve been resolved, but we'll see how it goes from here... Read and Post Commen Deadlight Grand Theft Auto V Undertale Life, the Universe and Everything text font   Heslo prihlásenie Zaregistrovať sa Zabudol som Domov Čo's NewContribute Features Boards Users Help Top Platforms DS DS iPhone PC PS2 PS3 PS4 PSP Vita Wii Wiiu Xbox 360 All Systems Search: MATURE 17.Blood Intense Violence Nudity Sexual Content Strong Language Use of Drugs and Alcohol ESRB MEIRO LAST LIGH BUY NOW TO GET THE LIMITED EDITION CLICK TO PLAY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Today on GameFAQs Last updated: May 14, 2013 2:40PM PDT Poll of the Day How do you feel about "grinding" through monsters to gain money and experience in RPGs? Nominations are open for the next Character Battle submit your favorites to make the next bracket We're now beta testing the next version of GameFAQs. Check this topic for more information, and feel free to take a look around we want your feedback on how it looks and feels It's great, grinding is the most enjoyable part of th If you're new here and not quite sure what to do first (after you've gotten the latest FAQs, cheats, and codes), don't forget to register if you havent yet (it's free), read through the Help Files, and feel free to jump in and start contributing Don't forget to check out the latest FAQs posted for Dead Island: Riptide, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, King of the Hill, and Assassin's Creed IlI - The Redemption. We've also got new reviews for Injustice: Gods Among Us, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, and Dead Island: Riptide, plus new cheats for 3D Space Harrier and Nano Assault Neo It's fine, I don't mind grinding for a couple of hour: It's okay, but too much can make me quit a game It's boring, I hate it when games require it to finish It's awful, that's why I hate playing RPGs Today's Featured Top 10: The Top 10 Sega Titles That Would Benefit From A Reboot by FRIEDSTRUCK. Vote view results only Top 10 Games 01 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim X360 02 League of Legends PC 03 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC 04 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS 05 Dark Souls PS3 06 Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS 07 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIIU 08 Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 Top 10 Wanted FAQs 01 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS 02 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate WIU 03 Soul Sacrifice VITA 04 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PS3 05 Defiance X360 06 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen X360 07 Torchlight II PC 08 Game Dev Tycoon PC 09 Injustice: Gods Among Us IP 10 Devil Summoner: Hackers 3DS Featured GameFAQS Video BioShock Infinite Video Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31 10 Pokemon X 3DS Metro: Last Light web page


Stránka umožňuje registrovaným používateľom odosielať návody, cheaty, obrázky, snímky obrazovky, videá, uložené hry a recenzie na akúkoľvek hru uvedenú na stránke. Členovia môžu tiež použiť funkciu s názvom „GameFAQs Answers“ na výmenu otázok a odpovedí o konkrétnej hre, podobne ako služba poskytovaná Yahoo! Odpovede . Na stránke sa nachádza aj veľké množstvo diskusných fór, pričom jednotlivé nástenky sú vyhradené pre každý titul a konzolu, ako aj záujmy mimo témy, napr. anime , zápasenie , televízne programy a technológie.

Bitky postáv

V roku 2002 sa na stránke začal konať každoročný turnaj postáv videohier známy ako „bitky postáv“, v ktorom proti sebe stoja dvaja súťažiaci prostredníctvom denných hlasovaní a iba víťaz postupuje do ďalšieho kola. Dňa 23. augusta toho roku sa webkomiks Arkáda Penny [8] zverejnil komiks s a robota naprogramované na opakované hlasovanie za postavu z videohry PacMan v bitke postáv GameFAQ (zobrazené nižšie).

  Má len jeden účel... Hlasovať za PacMana, kým PacMan nevyhrá postavu z GameFAQs Stvorili ste robota Whoa! Oh, to's right He had two purposes Battle a Well, the cat helped 2002 MIKE KRAHuLIK ANP JERRY HOLKINS WWW.PENNY-ARCADE COM Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man comics cartoon text fictional character fiction comic book

Doska LUE

Nástenka Life, Universe and Everything (LUE) je kontroverzné subfórum na stránke pomenovanej po „Odpoveď na konečnú otázku života, vesmíru a všetkého“ z knihy sci-fi Stopársky sprievodca po galaxii od Douglasa Adamsa. Nástenka bola vytvorená niekedy v roku 2001 ako miesto na diskusiu o náboženských a filozofických témach, ale po problémoch s moderovaním bola pre nových používateľov uzavretá.


Hot Skitty na Wailord Action

'Hot Skitty on Wailord Action' (HSOWA) je výraz odkazujúci na bizarný spôsob rozmnožovania tvorov Wailord a Skitty z Nintendo séria videohier Pokémon . Táto fráza bola prvýkrát vytvorená členom GameFAQs Endgame v a Pokémon Ruby a Sapphire vlákno po vydaní hier v Severnej Amerike v roku 2005.

  kreslený ružový červený fialový text fialový cit láska organ umenie ilustrácie

Zrazu X! Tisíce Ich!

'Zrazu X! Tisíce ich!' je a snehový klon šablóna, ktorá sa často používa pri rozprávaní príbehov na náhle predstavenie novej skupiny. Bol spopularizovaný na GameFAQs frázou „ Ninjovia! Tisíce z nich,“ ktorý bol široko používaný na doske „Random Insanity“. [3]

  ZRAZU, BANÁNY. TISÍCE Z NICH Brooklyn Bridge Downtown Brooklyn Canal Street Archway Under Manhattan Bridge DUMBO East River Dolný Manhattan orientačný bod žltý

Vyvolanie kapitána planéty

Vyvolanie kapitána planéty je reťazová komentovacia hra založená na opakujúcom sa trópe z animovaného televízneho seriálu z 90. rokov Captain Planet and the Planeteers , v ktorej môže superhrdinu Captain Planet vyvolať päť Planetérov spájajúcich svoje sily zeme, ohňa, vetra, vody a srdca. Predpokladá sa, že táto prax vznikla na nástenke GameFAQs LUE v máji 2005.

  Fie 1197411977 s-94 KB, 480 x 360, Zem str. ーロ 11.12.2007 (ut)17 26:17 Nie 48069934 ZEME >> □ 12uanan)172270 2002,02 02,02 Fu 21,02 4704 Fuj POŽIAR 1211/07 Tur)172802 No 43070099 Fle 1197412089 ipg-(15 KB,300x449, Vietor jpg WINDI 12/11/07 Ut)17 28-57 No 480701768 Fle 03701741 i 031x 03142 Fle. /1 1. 1. ut) 17 29 48 č. 48070245 Fle :1197412188 E8-(54 KB, 500-4-48, Srdce jpg) >> SRDCE 11. 12. (ut)173043č.42307199. 28 KB, 640e480, GOOO PLANETpg) >> GO PLANET >> □ 12/11/07 (Ut)17 33 10 Nie 48070527 Füe 1197412390 g-(94 KB, 331598, 331598 KB, 331598, CANGLOPTBY YOURCATINS text fialový

Diamant: Najtvrdší kov

Diamant je najtvrdší kov je výraz vychádzajúci z plagátu GameFAQs Forum, ktorý tvrdil, že auto vyrobené z diamantov dokáže odolať rozbitiu o stenu, a samoľúbo tvrdil, že diamanty sú jedným z najtvrdších kovov, ktoré človek pozná.

  ČO- SA STANE Auto brodenie z najtvrdšej retalovej steny vyrobenej z najtvrdšej mgtal Minecraft textového písma linky organizmu


9. augusta 2000 stránka dosiahla míľnik, keď za deň dosiahla jeden milión návštev. [7] Od mája 2013 je GameFAQs na 854 na Alexa [4] , 539 na Quantcast [5] a 888 na Compete. [6]

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